Heather Walton is an American singer-songwriter born in California, USA. She composes her music with the acoustic guitar and piano, her favorite being the electric guitar. Some of her influences are: Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Christina Aguilera (all the divas). Along with Elton John, one of her favorite artists. She also has a love for classical music, which often trickles into her compositions. She began singing before she could talk, with some of her earliest memories performing for her church congregation. She’s participated in choirs, music festivals, singing groups and competitions, as well as studio work. Heather’s childhood was overflowing with the arts including dance classes, vocal lessons, and a passion for acting. 

As a contemporary vocalist that adores romantic music, Heather is aspiring to achieve this vibe in her upcoming work. She enjoys tapping into her feminine and sensual side, her most authentic nature. She hopes to spread light with her music and lyrics, as her mission is to help all feel love, the highest of all values.

Heather Walton American Singer Songwriter

Heather started releasing covers on YouTube in 2018 and was discovered by a Canadian mastering engineer, François Rocheleau. He began mastering her covers and encouraged her to release original compositions. In 2019 she joined a local band and learned a lot about team work. She still enjoys collaborating with them when possible. In 2020 she was contacted by Mtec Academy Music Production from London, UK. They released 7 singles together.  

Early 2021, Heather signed with the renowned Italian Sonos Music Records, an Intl. Label by Maffucci Music. Out in May 2021 her new single “I Wanna Know” which will be the first of a long collaboration with them and the arranger Ermanno Corrado, who runs his recording studios and video production facility.

Heather Walton American Singer Songwriter