"I Wanna Know" video OUT on YouTube

YouTube - I wanted to create a music video that was introspective. A glimpse into a passionate woman’s life who is seeking a big ideal, so decided to go with a “movie like” structure as it enables the viewer to understand the story and her deep feelings more effectively. The rain during the first half of the video is symbolic. It not only creates the mood of romance, but it also highlights her determination and symbolizes a rebirth. Rain often brings abundance. The second half of the video the rain disappears as she has overcome a lot and is reaching new heights. You will see Cherry Blossoms throughout the second half of the video. They are symbolic of the spring- a time of renewal. Cherry blossoms are metaphors for human existence- their bloom time is only fleeting. They also signify love and the female mystique (beauty, strength and sexuality) along with tranquility and peace.


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